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Unlike most major brands, we skip the middleman, we do not pay out yearly NHL or IIHF licensing fees or expensive player endorsements and pass these savings on directly to our valued customers. Futur Hockey Factory Outlet has over 2,000 ice hockey sticks in stock at all times in 14 models, and various sizes and flex to choose from.

Our company

FUTUR HOCKEY provides top quality 100% Toray Hyper carbon fiber ice hockey sticks.

When Wally Tatomir's retirement was announced in June of 2012 with over 30 years in the NHL, first cousins and good friends Wally and Robert Tatomir took the next 2 years and set their sights on producing the highest quality ice hockey sticks for the least amount of money. Wally owns four (4) world hockey patents and has always been a leader in hockey equipment played at the highest level.

  • Top quality products and price
  • Best customer service
  • 30-day limited warranty
  • FUTUR HOCKEY utilizes a true one-piece compression molding process, eliminating fusion or connection points between shaft and blade.
  • FUTUR HOCKEY uses 100% import TORAY hyper carbon fiber and premium 18K uni-surface weave which make our sticks 20% lighter and manages impact stress 20% better than traditional carbon fiber. This is the same carbon fiber the "Boeing" aircraft company uses in coating their wing production to ensure uncompromising lightweight, strength and durability.
  • FUTUR HOCKEY blades adopts Nanometer materials and epoxy PU foam; better for shock-absorption, increased accuracy, durability and extends the life of the blade.
  • Our goal is to provide top quality one piece composite ice hockey sticks at affordable prices in all sizes for all players.
  • We can provide team and quantity pricing, please email us at sales@futurhockey.com for more information.


FUTUR hockey sticks can dish it out with any heavyweight out there. As a local brand they are unmatched. What you need, for a price you want. Simply great durable sticks.
Cody Tompkins
ENS Bantam Major Assistant Coach

The FUTUR stick is one of the best sticks on the market. I was surprised how light the stick is. lf you want a good stick for a good price FUTUR sticks are the right choice.
Petr Panachek
Captain, Kingsville Kings JR A Tier 2, AP Northshore Knight's FHL

I’ve played for many teams and have used a lot of different sticks over the years. The FUTUR sticks have the top of the line feel to them and perform even better. It took no time at all to get used to the sticks at the start of the season.
J D Falconer
Stayner Siskins PJHL NORTH Conference

My main concern with “big name” brands is durability; the flex is gone before there’s a scratch on the shaft. With FUTUR sticks, I no longer have this concern. I’ve been using my stick now for two months and it feels as though it’s right off the stick rack. We now have a reasonably priced product with beyond comparable durability.
Ryan Best
SCP Atom Major Head Coach


Pick up location for local orders:
104 Talbot Street East
Leamington, ON N8H 1L5
Open Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm

*FUTUR HOCKEY is solely owned & operated by Future Homes & Real Estate Ltd.*