Copy of 30 Day Warranty

Hockey is a physical game and as such all hockey sticks are designed to break if an unreasonable force is applied. In certain cases it may be due to a manufacturing defect. If you feel the breakage of your stick was not caused by normal wear and tear, please refer to the Warranty Policy below to determine the next steps for you.

FUTUR HOCKEY offers to the original buyer exclusively a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for thirty (30) days from the original retail purchase date when used under normal and customary use in ice hockey play. We will provide a ONE-TIME warranty replacement for sticks if:

  • There is no evidence that the hockey stick and/or blade has been abused, tampered with, heated, altered, defaced, misused, damaged by contact with a skate, stick, caught in the boards, goal, bench, or blunt force trauma from a collision with another player etc., skate-cut, exposed to open flame or otherwise damaged through an act of neglect by the consumer.
  • The stick/blade was not used on a rough non-ice surface (excessive wear on the blade bottom does not constitute a manufacturer's defect).

How to obtain warranty service?

  • visit the FUTUR HOCKEY Factory Direct Outlet during regular business hours;
  • call 519.322.1234 or 1.800.677.5810;
  • email

Important Instructions:

  • Once you have initiated your warranty, you must return your broken stick (both pieces) or, in its entirety along with the proof of purchase within 14 days from the date the warranty request was created.
  • All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the consumer.
  • Please note, that upon examination of the returned stick; if FUTUR HOCKEY determines that there is a manufacturing defect, FUTUR Hockey will provide the same or equivalent model stick replacement to the consumer at no cost with pick-up at the FUTUR HOCKEY OUTLET STORE or shipped to the mailing address provided by the consumer with shipping charges extra.
  • FUTUR HOCKEY reserves the right to substitute if the requested model is not available.
  • Please note: the one time replacement stick is not covered under any further warranty.
  • Professional, University and College teams, Junior Major, Junior A, B & C players and bulk orders are excluded from any warranty.